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Effective Recruitment Process & Integrated Competency Based Interview (ICBI®)

Is a powerful, innovative and effective training that provides the right “equipment” to recruiters and hiring managers who want to improve their skills and credibility through:

  • an efficient recruitment frame
  • innovative interview technique
  • practical ready-to-use tools

Training Goals

  • Acquire an innovative interview structure that assess not only candidate’s professional knowledge and personal competencies but also real motivations, natural preferences and expectations

  • Influence Team Managers in taking the right recruitment decision based on facts and competencies rather than emotions

  • Increase candidate’s positive experience, Talent attractiveness, Employer Branding, Diversity & Inclusion

Most of the participants to the training state that they started doing recruitment when they became managers but never had a proper training on recruitment & interviewing skills.

They sometimes describe unpleasant situations with candidates because they don’t know what questions to ask in order to assess candidate’s real motivations, professional knowledge and personal competencies.

Based on previous participants feedbacks, following this training will allow you to:

  • save time in the recruitment process,
  • provide you with ready-to-use tools,
  • better assess your candidates’ true motivations and competencies
  • feel more confident when interviewing
  • improve candidates’ experience and thus raise your employer attractivity


Supportive Leadership Training

Is a learning path based on :

  • innovative academic research on motivational theories
  • neurosciences and behavioural approach (ANC)

that provides team managers with tools to design a tailor-made Action Plan to implement with their teams taking into account :

  • Leader’s personality & motivations
  • Team’s dynamic
  • Business priorities

Training Goals

  • Increase managers’ reflexivity on success factors

  • Understand the impact of behaviours on team performance

  • Discover the levers favouring the mobilisation of individuals

  • How to implement the psychological conditions favourable to engagement

  • Build a “tailor-made” action plan taking into account the personal dispositions of each leader (“One size fits all” does not work!)

  • Support the leader in the implementation of his/her action plan

  • Follow-up on what has been transferred into practice