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Clients Area

To contribute to the success of your Company by delivering a high quality service and establishing a valuable partnership.

To be a helpful partner who contributes to achieve your recruitment goals by
  • advising you on the best recruitment strategy to be adopted on the basis of our extensive knowledge of the employment market, the requested profile and your budget.
  • adapting to the specificities of your Company, its growth, its cycles and expectations.
  • putting our solid experience, our energy and network at your service and select for you the best candidates.
  • submitting only profiles matching your mandates without wasting your time.
  • communicating regularly and transparently on potential obstacles to the success of your requests and suggesting alternatives.
Trained with proven recruitment techniques, we conduct structured interviews that allow us not only to analyse the career path and the technical knowledge of the candidates but also their personality. Thus, we are able to identify their motivations, help them formulating their objectives and understand their expectations.

Recruitment specialists in the financial field, we know perfectly well the positions as well as the technical and personal skills needed in this field. This enable us to quickly understand the profiles and ensure an optimal adequacy between the candidate and the vacancy without waste of time.

In a very competitive employment market for qualified candidates, it is essential to quickly identify and attract the best profiles by describing in detail the vacancy, the company and the team. The good knowledge of our clients and their environment allows us to convey a positive image and highlight the strengths of your company.

Our long experience within the recruitment field and the feedbacks gathered from many of our candidates enable us to advise our clients and help them to attract the best talents.

Speaking 5 languages fluently (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian), we are able to interact with clients, candidates and partners on an international level.

With our efficient computer system specialised in the management of temporary staff, we are able to deal quickly, efficiently and transparently with all the administration related to the payroll and social benefits for temporary employees.
Thanks to their training, experience and network, our consultants select for you the best candidates whose experience and skills match your requests.

Flexibility is essential in an environment where the only constant is change. If you face additional human resources needs, requested either by the development of your business, a temporary workload, a particular project or a temporary replacement, we can present you, in a fast and flexible manner, temporary qualified employees.

Our IT system and our partners specialised in the management of social benefits for temporary employees allow us to deal with all the administration related to your temporary staff at a preferential rate.

We are able to provide tailor-made service for strategic and/or politically sensitive positions. We will define together the best approach to identify and attract candidates corresponding to your request.

You can delegate all or part of your recruitment process for the position and the time you desire. We will adapt to your internal recruitment process to ensure the consistency with your recruitment policy. We will therefore establish together a Service Level Agreement that describes accurately the tasks you are delegating and the methodology to be adopted.
  • Analysis of the position and skills required
  • Definition of the desired profile
  • Search for candidates (database, network, internet, job boards, social networks)
  • Screening of applications
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Detailed description of the position and the company to candidates
  • Evaluation of the candidates’ motivation and objectives
  • Analysis of the adequacy between company's culture and expectations of candidates
  • Language tests
  • References and first steps of the «background check»

As per your instructions the files are sent to the person(s) involved in the recruitment process and include:
  • An interview report from our consultant, including the salary expectations and candidate’s availability
  • The resume
  • Copies of work certificates
  • Copies of diplomas

  • Coordination of interviews with people involved in the process
  • Support and advice to our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process
  • In case of employment, we will follow the development of the integration to ensure mutual satisfaction for both permanent and temporary employees
Our expertise is not enough to deliver a high quality service. To establish a trustful relationship and become a partner that adds value to both our candidates and our clients, our action must be aligned with core values such as ethics, respect and objectivity.

Driven by the passion of our profession, we take our role to heart because we understand the importance of hiring a new employee as well as the impact that the choice of a new job might have on the career path of a candidate.

Recruitment is a job that requires training, technical knowledge and personal competences therefore we only accept mandates that correspond to our qualifications.

We guarantee the strictest confidentiality to our clients and our candidates and ask that candidates’ files and all information exchanged are treated in complete confidentiality.

We do not send any file without obtaining the prior consent of the candidate and without being ensured of his/her interest for the position.

We do not take the initiative to headhunt our clients’ employees.

We care about our temporary employees and provide support and quality social benefits. We listen to their needs and do our best to ensure their satisfaction throughout their temporary assignment.