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Candidates Area

To be your preferred advisor in your career choices and define, with you, the best strategy to help you find the professional opportunity that will best suit your needs and your expectations, taking into account your current situation and the employment market in your field.

To put our solid experience, our network and our professionalism at your service and present you positions that will contribute to your professional development.

To assist you in processing your thoughts and ideas so that you make the right decisions for your career.

To establish a partnership based on trust, respect and communication.
Trained with proven recruitment techniques, we conduct structured interviews that allow us not only to analyse your career path and your technical knowledge but also to understand your motivations, highlight your strengths and help you achieve your professional goals.

Recruitment specialists in the financial field, we know perfectly well the positions as well as the technical and personal skills needed in this field. This enables us to ensure an optimal adequacy between career opportunities and your competencies.

In a very competitive employment market, it is essential to take time to prepare your file and interviews in order to maximise your chances of success. The good knowledge of our customers and their expectations allows us to give you details about the vacancy, the company and the team so that you can properly prepare for a potential interview.

Speaking 5 languages fluently (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian), we are able to interact with clients, candidates and partners on an international level.

With an efficient computer system and specialised in the management of temporary staff, we are able to deal quickly, efficiently and transparently with all the administration related to the payroll and social benefits for our temporary employees.
Sending your application is the first step that allows us to assess whether we are the right partner to help you in your search for a professional opportunity. To do this, we kindly ask you to send us your complete application, including:
  • Your updated resume (in Word)
  • Copies* of your diplomas
  • Copies* of your work certificates
* The check of the originals will be done later in the recruitment process

If your profile matches the requirements of the mandates entrusted to us by our clients, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

During the interview, we will cover the following aspects:
  • Your academic and professional background
  • Your technical, personal and linguistic skills
  • Understand the type of position and environment you are looking for
  • Open discussion on the best approach to suit your needs, your situation and the employment market
  • Detailed presentation of potential positions matching your expectations
  • Availability, professional references and salary expectations
  • Eventual advices

We will never send your application without your prior consent, nor without assessing with you that the position corresponds to your expectations. In case of interest, we will send your complete application, accompanied by an interview report from our consultant that will highlight your skills and strengths for the position.

We will coordinate the various interviews with our client and assist you, with our advice, throughout the recruitment process. In case of employment with one of our clients, we will follow the development of your integration during the first months to ensure your satisfaction both in the context of a permanent or temporary contract.

Our expertise is not enough to deliver a high quality service. To establish a trustful relationship and become a partner that adds value to both our candidates and our clients, our action must be aligned with core values such as listening, respect and objectivity.

Driven by the passion of our profession, we take our role to heart because we are aware of the impact that the choice of a new job can have on your career path. Thus we actively listen to your needs, advise you objectively and always respect your choices and decisions.

Recruitment is a job that requires training, technical knowledge and personal competencies therefore we only accept mandates and files that correspond to our qualifications.

We guarantee the strictest confidentiality to our candidates and our clients and ask that candidates’ files and all information exchanged are treated in complete confidentiality.

We do not send any files without your prior consent and without being insured of your interest for the position.

We care about our temporary employees and provide support and quality social benefits. We listen to your and do our best to ensure your satisfaction throughout your temporary assignment.
Your resume must firstly describe your academic and professional background by highlighting the technical, linguistic and personal skills acquired throughout your experience.

If you choose to mention your professional goals, you will need to adapt it to each position you will apply for in order to be consistent.

Your resume already reflects some of your skills, even if it is not the most exciting exercise, devote time on it and make sure that:
  • Your resume is complete and in conformity with your career path
  • Key information such as your phone number, your e-mail address, your date of birth and your nationalities appear on it
  • There is no spelling, grammar or typing mistakes
  • The presentation is clear and made in reverse chronological order with the Most recent experience and qualification listed first
  • The layout is similar across the resume
  • The dates correspond to those shown on your diplomas and work certificates

To facilitate the submission and processing of your application, we recommend that you scan your work certificates and your diplomas in one or two pdf files of good quality while ensuring that the size is acceptable to most recruitment platforms.

If you are actively looking for a new opportunity, we recommend that you activate your Combox, ideally with a personalised greeting message that will encourage the caller to leave a message and thus avoid missing opportunities.

  • Learn about the company, its activities, its products and its history through its website and get information on the position that interests you.
  • Note the address of the company, the name of the person with whom you have an appointment and phone numbers. For multiple addresses, check where is located the person you need to meet.
  • Set the route you will take to get there and the time required.
  • Review your complete application (resume, diplomas and work certificates) and bring a copy with you.
  • Prepare your questions about the company and vacancy but ask them at the end of the interview because you might already get some answers during the interview.
  • Think about the skills you have acquired that are relevant for the vacancy as well as examples of situations that illustrate it.

  • Choose an appropriate outfit and take care of your overall presentation.
  • Do not arrive more than five minutes in advance and plan ahead to not being late. If despite your precautions, you realise that you will not arrive on time, call in advance to inform and apologise.
  • Demonstrate interest in the position as well as motivation to learn and to follow other courses if necessary.
  • Even if you realise during the interview that the position does not match your expectations, give the best of yourself until the end. It is important to always leave a positive image because the same company may have your ideal job in the near future.
  • Do not forget to thank your interviewers for the time they devoted you.